Get started, feel better!

I use a comprehensive model that digs down deep to help you heal from the inside out so you can find more food freedom, peace and body liberation throughout our 12-week commitment. I strive to create a safe, empowering, brave, encouraging, judgement-free, supportive experience for you as you move through your food and body image healing journey. 

Clients say…

“I’m so grateful for Lexy. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me transform my relationship with food. She has taught me that being healthy doesn’t mean restricting and cutting out the foods I love. I would definitely recommend working with Lexy! It was the best decision I made for myself!”

“I’m thankful for allowing nut butters back into my life guilt free!”

“I feel like my life has changed with Intuitive Eating – I seriously am no longer bingeing.”

“I’m blown away by how much the food police were effecting my eating. It’s crazy how just asking, ‘what sounds good’ has flipped everything! I was judging my food choices before.”

“I’ve been working out because it feels good and because I want to get stronger! Like, the motivation has been less weight focused.”

“I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at the grocery store 2 weeks ago and STILL have it. I’ve been able to have a few bites and put it back in the freezer.”


Clients say…


“I am much more content in my body, even though I haven’t lost weight.”

“I have no idea how I’d survive this pandemic if I was still dieting and binge eating. Things are hard, but at least food isn’t something I’m super anxious about.”

“I’m able to actively stop negative thoughts about my body when they come on!”

“I went to the beach and ate pizza and ice cream without worrying one bit! I was truly present.”

“I got an ice cream cone tonight and threw it out the car window like 1/4 the way through because I just decided I had enough.”

“I’m able to not feel guilty for eating out and ordering what sounds good to me, not what is ‘healthy’ or ‘diet friendly'”


Are you…

  • Fed up with the stress of diets, restricting and feeling out of control with food?
  • Sick of going to Google or other people for answers on how to EAT, care for yourself or feel more comfortable in your body?
  • Ready to find a more empowering, realistic way of eating and living?
  • Excited to learn how to trust your own body, mind and spirit when it comes to making food and wellness decisions?

I can help ☺️ Here’s how 👇🏽

Your First Wellness Counseling Session

We’ll talk about your relationship with food, dieting & weight history, eating patterns, and how you feel about your body. We’ll discuss your goals, define what health looks like for you, and uncover areas of healing that we’ll work on together over the next 12 weeks.

Follow-up Wellness counseling sessions

You have unlimited follow up counseling sessions. We’ll decide together what frequency works best for you depending on your unique healing process. 

During follow-ups, we check in on what’s going well for you. Together, we’ll celebrate any wins together, no matter how big or small. Usually we do a little happy dance!

Some examples of client wins include:

  • Feeling more confident in your food decisions
  • Discovering more satisfaction from the way you’re eating
  • Being more mindful and connected to the eating experience
  • Clarity around how different foods and ways of eating make you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Loosening restrictions around eating by allowing more foods into your life
  • Feeling more comfortable around food
  • Re-discovering the joy in eating
  • Saying YES to life again
  • Detaching your weight from your worth
  • Feeling more confident in your skin and more neutral toward your body even if your size hasn’t changed
  • (Feel free to check out my Instagram story highlight titled “Client Wins” for more)

During follow-ups, we’ll also identify what’s feeling challenging for you and discuss how to work through it. We’ll set manageable behavior changes that you can incorporate before our next call to get you closer to your goals. 

What does the process look like/Expectations

  • You will fill out a quick check-in form online via Healthie within 24 hours before each follow up session. This allows you to track your own progress towards your goals, and allows me to see how I can best tailor our session to support you!
  • During follow up sessions, we’ll check in on how you’re feeling about food and your body image. It’s YOUR time to focus on whatever you want! Many of our sessions will include unpacking limiting beliefs, adopting more positive self-talk, developing more self-compassion and taking practical action towards self-care. Our sessions are designed to keep you moving towards living the kind of life you want!
  • After each session, you’ll get an email recap including notes from that day’s session along with worksheets and readings to help implement our work between sessions.
  • I encourage you to dive deep between sessions doing your “soul work” (kind of like homework for the soul?!) which includes reading, journaling, and other exercises to encourage behavior change and promote healing.

Where do sessions take place?

Due to COVID19, all sessions are online via Zoom. You can read more about getting your computer, phone or tablet setup here. If you live in the Boston area, eventually (once it’s safe!) we can meet in person at my lovely office in Copley Square at 581 Boylston St in Boston. My clients say it’s very peaceful and cozy, and a great location. I’d have to agree!

Support Between Sessions

You’ll have access to me outside of our sessions to support you through any questions or challenges that come up. Consistent support is so important in helping you to achieve your goals. I’m here to help you through the difficult times when we all need a listening ear. 

I am available via email daily. I have notifications turned off and I check my email periodically throughout the day. You will always hear back from me within 24 hours unless otherwise noted by me. 

Examples of what you may need outside session support on:

  • Navigating comments made about your body and/or your eating habits by a loved one
  • Handling a bad body image day when it feels like no clothing you own looks or feels good on your body
  • Preparing for a meal out or handling an unexpected food situation
  • Feeling anxious around food choices either alone or with others
  • Experiencing a trigger when clothing doesn’t fit as expected – whether in your own closet, or while shopping for clothes
  • Guidance when going to the grocery store

Books mailed to your doorstep

I always send my new clients books mailed right to their doorstep! Once you read them, we discuss them in our sessions and I’m available between sessions to discuss anything that comes up while you’re reading the books. I will also recommend articles and podcasts. This is specifically to help you learn, unlearn and process concepts and principles we discuss during sessions.

Some books I commonly send to clients include (but not limited to!)

More peace with Health E-book created by Lexy, specifically for you!

An interactive e-book with over 30 meal/snack ideas; journal prompts designed to address your relationship with food, your body and health; grocery shopping/meal prep organizer; grocery list and more!

Food and Lifestyle Feedback

When we work together, we use Healthie (a website and app) for booking appointments, taking payments and providing journal entries for food and lifestyle habit changes.

I may have you use the Healthie Journal which allows you to upload pictures of your food (only if this is helpful) and rate hunger, fullness, emotion, and more. When you’re asked to complete journal entries, I will review it and provide you additional feedback and support between sessions.

Please keep in mind that any resources utilized in your plan are completely customized to your individual needs and preferences.

Why don’t I offer pay-as-you-go sessions? Why the program format?

I used to, but found it wasn’t effective in helping people with real transformations. A session here and there isn’t enough (in my opinion and experience) to be able to learn, unlearn, discover, uncover, and create new habits, mindsets and sustain them. Through the years, I’ve found the above model to allow for more rapid, effective, meaningful growth.


There is a necessary out of pocket cost whether you have Blue Cross/Harvard Pilgrim for insurance or not. If you have either of these insurance plans, we can utilize your insurance to pay for a portion of our work together, but there is still an out of pocket cost.

Insurance *typically* covers: face to face visits only (most plans cover telehealth as well during COVID19). I am in network with Blue Cross and Harvard Pilgrim only. 

Insurance does NOT cover: outside session support, E-book, books and resources mailed to you, Healthie food/lifestyle feedback.

Payment plans available for clients as needed. FSA or HSA may be used for out of pocket cost.

Shanti Nutrition, LLC