Goal: spread wellness through community. Event options:

1.) NUTRITION – a simple, quick, “nutrition bite” talk. I use food as medicine, so we can pick whatever health topic and talk about what foods can help (i.e. food for mood, food for sleep, food for digestion, food for yoga, etc.) I also teach about nutritional detoxing: what to eat to naturally detox your body and keep it clean!

2.) YOGA AND NUTRITION – yoga class with a focus on poses for digestion followed by a quick talk on foods for digestion (unified theme). Or yoga for relaxation followed by foods for relaxation, etc. I work with local wellness driven sponsors so you can try different things! 

2.) YOGA, NUTRITION AND MORE – option 2 plus essential oils, or reiki, or massage. I work with local practitioners who are amazing at what they do. 

Past Events