What is an intro call?

It’s a free, 30 minute call to get to know each other to see if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask you a few questions about your current relationship with food, your body, and what your goals are. I’ll be able to tell you on the call if I think we would be a good fit, and if everything sounds good to you, we’ll get you signed up for your first session!

Be sure to check out the tab “Work with Me” by clicking here before booking your call, just to make sure that the way I work with clients sounds good to you!

When you book your intro call, you’ll have to answer just a few questions first! This is so that a.) you can see if we may be a good fit for a call, and b.) allow me to understand a bit more about you before we chat.

“I’m so grateful for Lexy. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me transform my relationship with food. She has taught me that being healthy doesn’t mean restricting and cutting out the foods I love. I would definitely recommend working with Lexy! It was the best decision I made for myself!”


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My approach focuses on WELLNESS rather than WEIGHT. Here’s why…

When we stop focusing on weight, we start talking about the REAL stuff allowing us to truly transform your relationship with food and your body, such as:

  • Emotions around food
  • If you find yourself eating when you’re not hungry, then what are you really hungry for?
  • How does the world make it hard for you to exist in your hear and now body?
  • Addressing anxiety and fear around food
  • What’s the false hope that dieting or restricting/controlling food gives and why do you keep going back?
  • What is your “soul food” i.e. what people, places or things make you feel alive?

This approach improves physical, mental, and spiritual health, even if weight doesn’t change. With a weight inclusive, non-diet approach you may lose weight, you may stay the same, you may gain weight – the point is that we don’t focus on intentional weight loss as our #1 intended outcome.

We hold space for the desire for weight loss and get curious about it. We focus on putting health behaviors, including prioritizing mental health, FIRST (click here for more info!) and whatever happens with weight is what your body is meant to be at. 

My clients come to me feeling confused, annoyed, frustrated, and overwhelmed with what, how or when to eat. ⁣Convinced they don’t have the answers and sick of trying to find them elsewhere. Sick of saying no to life because of how they feel about their bodies and stress around food. ⁣

With some coaching, support and encouragement, they find the answers. They start eating and caring for themselves in a realistic, enjoyable, fulfilling way, consuming a diet with ALL foods, and learn how to respect and care for their bodies.

When we free up space in their brains to focus on more important things in life, they end up FINALLY dating, FINALLY starting a new job, FINALLY letting go of clothes that don’t fit anymore, FINALLY starting a family, FINALLY saying yes to life.⁣

All without restricting their diet or shrinking their bodies at the cost of their mental health. ⁣

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I look forward to connecting with you!