What the HELL?!

More like: "what the hell am I supposed to eat?" There are SO many diets, fads, tips, tricks, this is good, this is bad news reels out there it can be super overwhelming to find ANY kind of peace with what you're putting in your body. Here's my low down...

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Natural Workout Supplements: Review

Yoga has been and always will be my love, but recently I found myself a little too "zen" and unable to do any fun upper body poses (handstands, crow, etc). I also realized that if someone came at me to fight I would probably bring my hands to heart center and close my...

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The Revolution in Healthcare

Naturopaths now licensed in the state of MA Naturopathic medicine saved my life. 2 years ago I had an infection in my intestines and my body was rejecting food. My hair was falling out, I was losing brain function, and I could barely walk. I saw 12 MD's and no one...

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