I’ve been there. I get it. It sucks. 

For many years, I oscillated between restrictive diets, juice cleanses, detoxes, and self-imposed arbitrary nonsense food rules. I had pretty severe anxiety around what, how, and when I “should” eat. 

This is even with 2 advanced degrees in nutrition, and becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

I engaged in really unhealthy behaviors to stay a certain size. I restricted my diet, and ended up restricting my life! It took me 6 years to overcome because I tried to do it on my own for awhile and it didn’t work. I’m here to give you hope that a.) it doesn’t have to take you that long, b.) you don’t have to do it alone and c.) there’s such a beautiful life for you on the other side of this. 

I’m also a sober alcoholic (6 years now, woo hoo!) and this adds to my very deep (like… to my bones deep) personal understanding of what it’s like to self-soothe, control, let go, escape, use and abuse food and other substances. 

I understand that type of discomfort, pain, trauma, and turning to food or other substances for comfort or control on a very deep level that I feel many healthcare providers don’t. 

I know the frustration, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, confusion, fear, and annoyance that comes with the process of always being “on” or “off” with food. I know the feelings of embarrassment and shame that followed almost every period of restriction, when I would binge and hide food in my bottom dresser drawer so no one would see. 

Unlike other nutritionists that push harmful detoxes, cleanses and rigid diets, I help my clients unlearn arbitrary food rules, identify roadblocks to self-trust, and eliminate harmful dieting habits so they can fully trust and respect their body and experience joy and peace around food.

I’m not pretending I have all the answers, or that my experience is the same as yours. You are your own unique, beautiful, complex, lovely human being and you have your own journey! I’m here if you need someone to stand by you, guide, support, encourage and empower you on your own healing path. 

My point is that I can identify with the feelings, and through a combination of my own experience, professional education, and time spent in both food and alcoholism recovery, I’ve developed a program that provides real transformations in how people approach food, their bodies and therefore their lives. 

(And it doesn’t have to take 6 years!) 

I’m so thankful you’ve taken the time to learn a bit about me and what I do. I hope to chat with you soon on an intro call or connect on social media! 

**a note about privilege… I want to acknowledge that as a thin, white, cis, able bodied woman, I live in a body that benefits from a lot of privilege. I do not personally understand someone’s lived experience of being in a larger body. I want to acknowledge the challenges that comes from being a larger bodied person in our society. I want to hear about what that experience has been like for you, if you live in a larger body. I’m fully equipped to guide you in this process regardless what your body looks like. I hope that in our work together you are able to find at least a bit more peace with your body, and learn to respect it just a bit more. I hope we can untangle weight from worth, value, and health so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life regardless of your body size. 

I will NOT tell you what to eat. (What?!) Instead, I’ll ask questions, dig deeper, and encourage you to get curious and closer to the answers within yourself on how to best care for your body, mind and spirit. ⁣I’ll guide and support you while you discover and uncover the ins and outs of your relationship to food and your body.

So you can make realistic wellness decisions that support your food likes, dislikes, lifestyle, health, culture, financial means, happiness, goals, values and life while respecting your own natural body diversity.⁣

Whether you have a disordered relationship to food, an eating disorder, or just a complicated or confusing relationship with food, I can help you find more peace. 

My path to helping clients find food freedom and body respect was not linear, and anything but simple. ⁣It wasn’t until after many years as a Dietitian that I was introduced to the frameworks of Health at Every Size®️, Intuitive Eating and body image healing. ⁣You can read my whole story here

Now I can sleep at night knowing i’m not contributing to the idea that a happy, healthy, valuable, worthy life is *just* on the other side of weight loss. And i’m not suggesting people restrict their diet, and therefore life anymore. ⁣

My clients are the most driven, inspiring, honest, authentic, kind people I know and I can’t believe this is my job to work with them! They come to me feeling confused, annoyed, frustrated, and overwhelmed with what, how or when to eat. ⁣Convinced they don’t have the answers and sick of trying to find them elsewhere. Sick of saying no to life because of how they feel about their bodies. ⁣

With some coaching, support and encouragement, they find the answers. WITHIN THEMSELVES! They start eating and caring for themselves in a realistic, enjoyable, fulfilling way, consuming a diet with ALL foods, and learn how to respect their body, even if their bodies don’t change. ⁣

The miracle is, they end up FINALLY dating, FINALLY starting a new job, FINALLY letting go of clothes that don’t fit anymore, FINALLY starting a family, FINALLY saying yes to life.⁣ All without restricting their diet or shrinking their bodies at the cost of their mental health. ⁣

When we stop focusing solely on weight, we start really talking about the real stuff:

  • Emotions around food
  • What has it been like to exist in their body?
  • If consistently eating when not hungry, what are we really hungry for?
  • Does their body really need to change, or does society?
  • How does the world make it hard for them to exist in their hear/now body?
  • Addressing anxiety and fear around food
  • What’s the false hope that dieting gives and why do they keep going back?
  • What is their “soul food” i.e. what people, places or things make them feel alive?

This approach improves physical, mental, and spiritual health, even if weight doesn’t change. With a weight inclusive, non-diet approach you may lose weight, you may stay the same, you may gain weight – the point is that we don’t focus on intentional weight loss as our intended outcome. We hold space for the desire for weight loss and get curious about it. We focus on putting health behaviors, including prioritizing mental health, FIRST (click here for more info!) and whatever happens with weight is what your body is meant to be at. 

I don’t have YOUR unique lived experience of course, but I’m willing to listen and learn how I can best support you on your healing journey!

When I’m not serving my amazing clients, you can almost always find me outside. Most likely my favorite place, the beaches of Cape Cod, MA, where I was born and raised! I also love hiking and connecting with nature, reading the latest self-help book, trying new restaurants or spending the weekend cuddled up on the couch with my boyfriend, Eric, and our cat, Marshmallow. If you follow me on social media, you have surely seen her before with her cute little goattee and overbite!

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who believes:

  • You CAN enjoy all foods

  • You CAN trust yourself with food

  • You CAN enjoy exercise

  • You CAN feel better about your body

  • You are MORE than your body

  • Life is too short to stress over food

  • Health is about WAY more than what’s on our plate

  • When we restrict our diet, we restrict our life

It’s my absolute passion to help people feel better with food and their bodies so they can focus on more important things in life like starting a business, falling in love, and saying YES to the life they want.

I’m so excited to get to know you better too. Follow me on Instagram and let me know what you’re saying YES to!

I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher with a variety of health and wellness experience. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Connecticut, and in 2013 completed my Master’s coursework in Nutrition Education at Northeastern University.

I have 9 years of experience as a Dieitian and have worked at some of Boston’s top hospitals including Beth Israel Deaconess and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. I’ve had my own private practice for almost 4 years now! 

In my private practice, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal their relationships with food and their bodies to find more joy in eating and caring for themselves to live their best lives. 

I completed my 200 hour registered yoga teacher certification from Radiant Yoga Boston. With my passion for nutrition and yoga, I am able to help clients adopt wellness practices incorporating them both.

I’ve received training from some of the best dietitians in the field including Alissa Rumsey MS, RD, Evelyn Tribole MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, Marci Evans MS, CEDRD, cPT, and Lindsay Stenovec MS, RDN, CEDRDS. 

Shanti Nutrition, LLC