Before I started working with Lexy, I had spent years cycling through diets and phases of binge eating. I was weighing myself several times per day and had a lot of anxiety related to food. Lexy has helped me untangle my relationship with food and find an intuitive way of eating that works for me. She also helped me find peace with exercise; before it was something I did because I hated my body but now I exercise because I love the strength & energy it gives me. Through it all, Lexy has been supportive, patient, understanding and has encouraged me to be the healthiest version of myself, which includes eating pizza without guilt. I am grateful Lexy guided me on this journey to TRUE wellness!


One of the first tools Lexy guided me with was relearning how to listen to my body. I had been ignoring my body and it’s signals for years by obsessing over my weight, body, calorie counting apps, and being on diets. Through working with Lexy I have learned to enjoy, appreciate and respect my body. There is no longer good or bad foods, or good or bad body size. I can’t believe how much working with Lexy has changed my life. She offers unrivaled compassion, empathy, awareness and humor. She individualizes her approach to your needs and focuses on creating a lifestyle that works for you. Lexy has changed my life and I feel privileged to work with someone who has made such an impact!


Shanti means peace ✌🏼

I help women find more peace with food, health and their bodies to live their best lives and feel empowered.

Insurance Accepted: 

Harvard Pilgrim

Blue Cross Blue Shield

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re not feeling so great and looking for someone to help you feel better, yeah? Welcome! I hope I can help! Keep reading…

Do you:

  • feel out of control with food?
  • try diet after diet hoping something will eventually “work” but it doesn’t?
  • feel really confused on what, how, or when to eat?
  • spend a lot of time thinking about food and your body?
  • miss out on life (the beach, dating, events) because of how you feel about your body?
  • feel like weight loss is the only way to a happier, healthier more meaningful life?
  • have a complicated relationship with exercise?

If you want a dietitian who will help you count macros, weigh your food, deprive yourself or shrink your body by all means necessary, I’m NOT your girl.

BUT if you want a dietitian that will help you…

  • Find more peace with food and eat in a more nourishing, joyful, empowering way
  • Learn how to trust your own body, mind, and spirit when it comes to making food and wellness decisions
  • Find a path of pursuing wellness without obsession
  • Challenge the belief that your worth/value/happiness is based on what your body looks like
  • Stop obsessing over food and your body so you can focus on more important things in life

THEN I’m your girl. Book a free intro call below👇🏼

I could not recommend Lexy enough… I was really struggling to get back to feeling my best after my second baby and she saved me! Because of her guidance, I now feel like I have the knowledge about my own body to refocus on my nutrition after getting off track.

Lexy is so knowledgeable and lovely to work with. It is obvious that she is passionate about helping other people feel their best. There is so much information floating around on the internet, social media, etc. and I was overwhelmed about what to do. 


(continued) The plan Lexy came up with for me was not only to change the way I was eating, but also to remember to take time for myself and establish a regular exercise routine. I have SO much more energy, and feel great about what I am eating and how my body feels! I am able to be a better version of myself with my two little girls and husband because I’ve taken the time to take care of myself. Making my appointment was truly the best gift I could have given myself.

She checks in frequently and really makes you feel like a priority. Long story short, do yourself a favor and work with Lexy!


My mission:

Holistic (whole person) wellness through a weight inclusive, body kindness, intuitive eating approach. I help people find peace with their health, food and body in a supportive environment. My clients are able to achieve a higher quality, nourishing, realistic, enjoyable way of eating and caring for themselves to live their best lives and feel empowered. We focus on developing and continuing a healthy relationship with food, your body, mind, and spirit. I’m honored you have taken the time to learn more about my work and how I may be able to help you. – Lexy

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