I help women find peace with food and build trust with their bodies so they can achieve wellness without obsession and live the lives they desire and deserve. 

“Before I started working with Lexy, I had spent years cycling through diets and phases of binge eating. I was weighing myself several times per day and had a lot of anxiety related to food. Lexy has helped me untangle my relationship with food and find an intuitive way of eating that works for me. She also helped me find peace with exercise; before it was something I did because I hated my body but now I exercise because I love the strength & energy it gives me. Through it all, Lexy has been supportive, patient, understanding and has encouraged me to be the healthiest version of myself, which includes eating pizza without guilt. I am grateful Lexy guided me on this journey to TRUE wellness!”


Do you…

  • Feel like thoughts about food and your body are controlling your life?
  • Miss out on life because of how you feel about your body?
  • Feel like you can’t trust yourself with food?
  • Try diet after diet hoping something will eventually “work” and become disappointed when it doesn’t?
  • Feel confused and overwhelmed about how, what, or when to eat?
  • Have a desire for more out of life but feel your relationship with food and your body is holding you back?

“After working with Lexy, I barely think about food and my body. I’m going after a career that I’ve always dreamt of, and I can honestly say that I trust myself around food. I am no longer held back by my own limiting beliefs about food and my body. I’m ready to show up fully in my life as a whole person.”


When we work together, you will:

  • Find peace with food and eat in a more nourishing, joyful, empowering way
  • Learn how to trust your own body and mind when it comes to making food and wellness decisions
  • Create a relationship with exercise that is sustainable, positive, and realistic
  • Challenge limiting beliefs that your worth, value and happiness are based on what your body looks like
  • Find a healthy relationship with food and your body so you can live the life you desire and deserve

Just imagine what you could do with all the time, energy, and brain space you’re spending obsessing over food and your body.

With 9 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’ve helped hundreds of women unlearn arbitrary food rules, identify roadblocks to self-trust, and eliminate harmful dieting habits so they can fully trust and respect their body and experience joy and peace around food.


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Go live the type of life you desire and deserve!

I know you want to live your life to the fullest, right? And in order to do that, you need to find peace with food and your body. 

The problem is you feel out of balance with food which makes you feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. I believe life is way too short to spend your precious time feeling that way, yeah?

I understand the confusion, overwhelm and frustration you may be experiencing. That’s why I’ve developed such a comprehensive, transformative process. Here’s how it works…

I help you establish true wellness without obsession, body trust, and food peace through a 3 step framework:

Path to Food Peace Framework


Your own food and body story to understand what’s holding you back


A revolutionary approach to food and your body that is realistic, enjoyable, and empowering


You with the tools to find wellness without obsession and live the life you desire and deserve


That you were made for more.

I believe we each have a specific purpose here on earth, and it’s probably not to obsess over food, count calories, Google nutrition facts or fad diets, shrink our bodies by all means necessary and miss out on life in the process.

I believe that when we find more peace with food and our bodies, we find more peace with our lives to carry out our true life’s purpose, find happiness, and do what we love.

I can support you with the tools you need to achieve a higher quality, nourishing and realistic way of eating and caring for yourself. My goal is for you to feel empowered in your decisions about food and your body to live your best life. 


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“One of the first tools Lexy guided me with was relearning how to listen to my body. I had been ignoring my body and it’s signals for years by obsessing over my weight, body, calorie counting apps, and being on diets. Through working with Lexy I have learned to enjoy, appreciate and respect my body. There is no longer good or bad foods, or good or bad body size. I can’t believe how much working with Lexy has changed my life. She offers unrivaled compassion, empathy, awareness and humor. She individualizes her approach to your needs and focuses on creating a lifestyle that works for you. Lexy has changed my life and I feel privileged to work with someone who has made such an impact!”


“My expectations were beyond exceeded. To be honest, I expected a few affirmations and self-care tips, like treating myself to dessert now and then. What I got was so much more. My entire view on wellness, dieting, and body image was turned upside down.”


Shanti Nutrition, LLC