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I want to help you learn how to trust, listen to, and respect your body. What if I told you everything you need to feel your best is already within you? And we just need to undo external influences to get to the root of who we are and what we need? 

We live in a culture that perpetuates the idea that you need to look outside yourself for answers. We’re inundated with messages of eat this not that, your body isn’t good enough, what you’re doing isn’t good enough, just try harder! (Ugh!) It’s overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. I know – i’ve been there, even as a dietitian and yoga teacher myself.

We’ll talk about your relationship with food and what your patterns with food look like. We’ll discuss exercise, self-care, and body image. I’m not sure exactly what it will look like for you because everyone is different, but my 9 years as an RD combined with my personal experience gives you a well rounded guide in your journey to feel better.

I want to help you find more peace, and to enjoy food again. You’ll learn how to move your body in ways you enjoy. Your wellness path should feel realistic, fulfilling, empowering and enjoyable. 

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After wasting so much money and time I came to Lexy hoping she could help me. She is amazing! She has been there every step of the way with ideas, a caring ear when I was frustrated and so much encouragement. Lexy is the first person to set me on the path to better health. If there were more stars I would add more stars, Lexy is knowledgable and caring- working one on one with her, she can help guide you to feeling better and living your best life!


Lexy has helped me focus on eating mindfully and purposely. Her suggestions feel tailored to me and are manageable and realistic. As a result, I’m eating healthier, feel better, and have more energy. She is easy to talk to, very responsive and I really like her laid back but real approach to nutrition.



What to expect? We’re going to get you feeling better! You’re going to do the work, but I’ll guide and support you along the way. We’ll talk food, exercise, sleep, self-care, work/life fulfillment, and do some serious soul work so you can get on a path to finding more peace with your health and wellness. No band-aids or quick fixes. No calorie counting or meal plans. My goal is to help you heal from the inside out, find peace with your health, body and food so you can free up mental energy to focus on the things that matter in life and achieving your life goals. 

What should I expect to pay? I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Harvard Pilgrim insurance plans which may be used to cover a portion of our work together. Please note that parts of your individually tailored wellness program are not covered by your insurance, and therefore our work together requires an out of pocket cost. Out of pocket payment is preferably due at registration, but payment plans are available. All major credit cards and health savings plans accepted as payment.

What is Healthie? HIPAA compliant, secure, electronic healthcare system where you can manage your appointments, upload documents/reports from other providers, message me, create journal entries for food, lifestyle, exercise and more.

Important Details: In order for me to provide adequate care and to keep your scheduled appointment, you must complete all pre appointment paperwork within 3 days of your scheduled initial visit appointment in order to keep your appointment. Otherwise I may have to cancel or reschedule until all paperwork is complete.  Appointments not cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a cancellation fee of $200 for initial visit and $150 for follow ups, even if you have insurance.  

Please note: Tuesdays are for Commonwealth clients only. 

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment? Click here for how to reschedule on Healthie.**Appointments must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid a late cancellation fee. 

Get Started. Feel Better.


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